Radar Observer Unlimited

Run in conjunction with MSI in Middletown, RI.

This course provides training in the basic theory and operational use of marine radar to maintain situational awareness; the methods used to determine a contacts range, bearing, CPA, time to CPA, course and speed; how to determine own ship’s course and speed changes to avoid collision; maintaining a navigational plot and the proper use of operational controls to obtain an optimal display and performance of the set along with a discussion of the Rules of the Road appropriate to the use of radar.

Course Approval

This is a USCG approved course. The person successfully completing the course will:

  1. Satisfy the requirements of 46 CFR 10.209, 46 CRF 10.305 (c)(1), and 46 CFR 10.480 for endorsement as Radar Observer (Unlimited)
  2. Be considered competent in the Use of Radar to Maintain Safety of Navigation (STCW A-II/ 1)
  3. Be considered competent to Maintain Navigation Through the Use of Radar (STCW A-II/2
  4. Have met the requirements of the National Assessment Guidelines for STCW certification OICNW-3-1A; OICNW-3-1B; OICNW-3-1C; OICNW-3-1D; OICNW-3-1E; OICNW-3-1F; OICNW-3- 1G; OICNW-3-1H; OICNW-3-1I; OICNW-3-1J; OICNW-3-1K; M-5-1B and M-5-1C of (STCW A-II/1 and A-II/2)

Mariners entering this course should have some bridge watching experience and a fundamental knowledge of navigation.

Written examinations are given on the third and fourth day covering radar fundamentals. A practical examination is administered on the final day of training. The practical exam consists of basic radar navigation position fixing plotting radar contacts to determine risk of collision and action taken to avoid collision.

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